Thursday, June 26

Iron Artist...

Totally forgot to mention that I did make it into the Iron Artist Challenge at the Tacoma Art Museum! Come watch the fun on Friday, August 8, from 5-8 PM. It's part of the Midsummer Night’s Community, dancing, art-making and "Shakespeare in the Parking Lot." Free to all, something for everyone...

Tuesday, June 24

Some Beads

Here are just a few of the paper beads I've been working on. The round ones are newspaper mash and PVA glue, painted with acrylic paint and finished with Future floor wax. The others are all rolled rectangles or triangles of various papers, with added paint and embossing powder. The very shiny smooth surfaces are layers (upon layers) of clear embossing. Messy, but effective don't you think?

Thursday, June 12

It's been a busy month...

...and it isn't over yet. The good news is that the camera and the computer are speaking to each other again. No more going to Bartell's to download from the camera to a CD and then back home to save from the CD to the 'puter so I can use my photos. So I'll be able to show you some pretty nice paper beads later this evening.

Meanwhile go to the Tacoma Art Museum website and read about the Iron Artist event. I just sent in an application...keep your fingers crossed. See you later.