Monday, September 27

What's going on here?

Not much, obviously.

I hadn't realized (remembered?) that I never put up an explanatory post here, so that anyone who might want to would know that I'm not keeping this blog up, at least for now. We have had multiple family crises in the last several month, beginning with my mother's cancer diagnosis in April last year. The prognosis was 3-6 months... and that was 18 months ago. She thought she wouldn't live to see her first great-grandson and now he's so big she can barely hold him on her lap! She needs a lot of care and time these days, but she is pretty comfortable, still at home (a high priority for our family) and benefiting greatly from Providence Hospice. So we go on a day at a time.

Meanwhile, I am moving my studio, partly into storage and partly Somewhere Else. Somewhere Else may turn out to be home for a while. With my mom needing so much care and attention, the less time I spend driving around between places the better. But that's not the only reason...

Sadly, Room 206, the place, is going away; the Shoreline Museum has been evicted from the Ronald School building, a very, very sad thing that never should have happened and didn't need to happen. Lesson learned:  never sign an "Agreement in Principle" with unprincipled people.

But, back to blogging. I do have a "new" blog here.

Make art, it's good for you.