Thursday, October 16

Collage Free-for-all Friday the 17th.

That's tomorrow - I hope to see some of you there. Bring your inner five-year-old. Bring a friend! (If you're bringing more than one friend let me know so I'll make sure to get out enough chairs.) All materials and tools are provided, but you're welcome to bring your own special stuff if you want to.

Missoula is a wonderful little city, and I look forward to sharing some pictures and stories. But not right now.

Monday, October 6

Monday, October 6

I want to remind you all that there is NO Art Party tomorrow. But please DO consider coming by a week from Friday for the Collage Free-For-All...Crazy-go-nuts with a glue stick. It should be fun.

I'm participating in a journal round robin along the lines of True Colors. This is my cover. I sent it off last week. I'll get it back in a few months (I think) with spreads done by 8 other people - all in my color scheme of "cool" blues and white. I have a couple of other people's journals that I'm working on right their choice of colors. It's a good challenge to work in color schemes that you might never have thought of yourself. I am going to have to get friendly with some brighter colors than I usually hang out with.

My friend Laurie, aka Loudlife, has made her 100th post to her blog, and is celebrating! You should go check it out.

And here is a fun webtoy where you can upload an image and find out the ten most prominent colors in it.

See yousoon,