Monday, August 31

First Tuesday is on, but...

...something that was going to happen on Wednesday was suddenly switched to Tuesday and I can't do anything about it - which means that things that were to happen on Tuesday will now have to happen on Wednesday. This month/week only.

So...Wednesday, from 6 on. Hope to see you!

Thursday, August 20

Third Friday tomorrow

The studio will be open after about 6pm. I may be there earlier and you'll be welcome, but I won't promise.

Last weekend I got rid of a bunch of clothes. They were things I kept because they were decent and functional and I need things to wear, but I didn't really like any of them. I've finally decided to start liberating stuff I don't like, no matter how much life it has left in it. Someone else might like it just fine, and whoever that is, is welcome to it.

What this has to do with the studio and Friday night is that I'm going to start on my fabric stash next. It could be your lucky day! Night...

See you.

Monday, August 3

Is today Art Day? How about tomorrow?

Hello, everyone.

Things have been pretty intense here. My mom was in the hospital for a week with a minor ailment...problem is when your immune system is so weakened by chemo, nothing is minor. But she's home now, with help and visiting nurses. I do see signs of improvement, but at 92 it's slow going. We hope that in a couple more weeks she'll be feeling fairly normal again.

So, it's more like Art Hours, not Days, these days. But I will be in the studio tomorrow, Tuesday, August 4...probably by five but let's play it safe and say 6. I've been enjoying working on some hand-sewn collaged birds. Weird and improvisational. Much like my life these days.

See you.