Tuesday, August 26

Zines, mostly...

The Portland Zine Symposium was last weekend...the zine Olympics so to speak. Not that it's competitive, but it's big big big. I'll put up some pictures in a bit, meanwhile, these are the zines I came home with:

Do Stuff! Lethal Zine
i need a hug
A Creation Myth
The Composing Stick #1, #2, #3 and #4
Art Bureau #8, #10 and #11
how i spent my summer vacation
Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell #5
Best Zine Ever #5
Action Bookbinding
Ozzy The Lazy-Ass Panda
Chicago Musical Sing-a-long
Pumpkin Patch Horror!
Giant Killer Ape on the Loose
Fight Boredom
An Alpine Adventure
White Male Neurosis
The Pee
Last Legs - The Diary Issue
Minutiae #1 - Rose City Summer
"Toilets" 1982-1983
Sinking Hearts
Kersax Must Be Destroyed #3
New York vs. Portland
Comic about Sarah's Life-a-Day
How to Make Minicomics the Brian Orser Way!
Cranky Buddha #4 & #5
Zine Making - an introduction

Nope, I haven't read them all yet. Lulu by lulu...

Thursday, August 14

No Friday tomorrow.

Well, I can't cancel Friday, although given the forecast I wish I could. But I'm doing what I can and canceling the Third Friday Art Party. With a predicted high of 92-98 Room 206 will be no place to be tomorrow evening.

Darned thing is, we're getting a new range delivered tomorrow and it'll be way too hot to try it out. I've been dreaming about meat loaf, baked potatoes and a pie. Guess they'll have to wait. Or maybe I'll be cooking dinner at 2AM Saturday.

The studio will be open next Tuesday evening from 5 on, so consider dropping in then for an evening of experimental book alteration, otherwise known as cutting, ripping, gluing, painting and anesthesiology you can do to a book. Yes, we anesthetize the books first!

No, really...that was the spellchecker having a good time. But I thought it was kind of a hoot and left it. I meant to say "anything else" you can do it a book.

All materials provided or bring your own if you prefer.

Keep cool,

Thursday, August 7

Change of plans...

As it turns out I will not be participating in the Iron Artist event at the Tacoma Art Museum tomorrow (Friday) evening. If you were planning to come down for it, don't change your plans on my account--it's going to be a fun event! And take the time to visit the museum while you're there.

Some fun stuff did happen Tuesday after all. The smell came and went and wasn't as bad as I had expected. So the two of us that were there attacked (in a nice way, of course) some old hardcover books. We cut windows and niches, glued pages together, painted and tucked images and words here and there. An orgy of experimentation, it was.

Tuesday, August 5

Maybe you'd rather stay home tonight...

I've been up at the studio this morning, and not only is it going to be hot but the building just outside the windows (across the driveway) is having its roof resurfaced and the smell is pretty nasty. So, we can open the windows and breathe tar, or close the windows and suffocate. Sounds like fun, huh?

You're still welcome to come; I will be there working on my own stuff--out in the hall, maybe--but it won't be the pleasantest of evenings.

Fall is coming...

First Tuesday again

Hey, that came around fast! I could post almost verbatim the previous message. Today's going to be a hot one. (And after a spell of cooler, almost autumnal weather--my favorite kind. Bummer!) So yes, Tuesday is happening--and yes, it will be warm in the studio. If y'all want to come later, after the sun has started to drop and I've opened the hall windows to get the cross draft that's fine. But you're still welcome at 5, and I'll be there until midnight at least.

And it won't be long before the view from Room 206 looks like this again:

That was just last April, remember? Actually that was pretty unusual, and we probably won't see it again. Not in April, anyway. But we can hope for January, right?? Can you tell I am not a hot-weather person?

See you.