Monday, April 28

More Cake

Two of us got a pretty good start on the Birthday Cake project last Friday. Yesterday I went to Tacoma to take photos of the museum building and elsewhere around town. Had a bit of a setback when I got home and couldn't get the pictures to upload tot he 'puter. Apparently it has decided not to recognize the camera as a bona fide piece of equipment. Couldn't figure out what was wrong, and it was too late to do much about it so I took the evening off. Today I went to Bartell's and got the pictures on a disk, so now I'm Photoshopping and printing. All of which is boring as can be, I'm sure, but mostly that's an update for folks who might be wondering when we'll be working on it again...and that will be tomorrow, Wednesday, in the evening. (I might be there during the first.)

Friday, April 25

Let's (not) Eat Cake!

The Tacoma Art Museum has called for non-edible Art Cakes to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its beautiful permanent home. I'm pretty busy with that for now, but I'm not sharing any details yet. Will post pictures after May 3. Meanwhile if any of you regulars want to come by this evening or some other time (call me) to work on it please do. We'll make our own party out of it!

Three of us had a nice quiet evening on Third Friday, sitting in the studio watching the blizzard. I do love that big wall of windows, even if I have to go to some lengths to keep the sunlight off the Stuff at times. It was beautiful.

Friday, April 11

Bras, Gelatin and Cats

Here are a few pictures from recent Art Parties in Room 206. Since Packing Tape Shoes I've been having fun with Packing Tape Bras; that's Berkeley and moi making gelatin prints, and those are some of Berkeley's wonderful Phone Wire Kitties. I'll see you all later, right now I have work to do.

Tuesday, April 1

First Tuesday tonight...

Sorry you folks on the mailing list didn't get a reminder this time...seems it came around awfully fast. Anyway - yes, the studio will be open to anyone who wants to drop in. It'll be a bit of a potluck this evening; we will be looking at samples and considering ideas for the next few gatherings. We might get started on Hats or Cats, or you can certainly come and cut rubber again (or for the first time.) Michelle Ward's April Art Crusade involves making stencils, and I have materials and tools to explore that as well. Come be Foolish!

See you after five.