Tuesday, August 5

First Tuesday again

Hey, that came around fast! I could post almost verbatim the previous message. Today's going to be a hot one. (And after a spell of cooler, almost autumnal weather--my favorite kind. Bummer!) So yes, Tuesday is happening--and yes, it will be warm in the studio. If y'all want to come later, after the sun has started to drop and I've opened the hall windows to get the cross draft that's fine. But you're still welcome at 5, and I'll be there until midnight at least.

And it won't be long before the view from Room 206 looks like this again:

That was just last April, remember? Actually that was pretty unusual, and we probably won't see it again. Not in April, anyway. But we can hope for January, right?? Can you tell I am not a hot-weather person?

See you.


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