Thursday, September 18

Creative Blocks and Image Transfers

Ahhh, September! I loved fall as a kid...loved going back to school. It's still my favorite season of the year and we are kicking it off in Room 206 with two very kindergarten-ish projects in one: cutting and pasting, and blocks. Cutting and pasting on blocks. We'll cover blocks (cardstock or wood) with collages of our personal creative bugaboos. Get them out in the open where you can keep an eye on them. Here's one side of my block. My work always looks better to me a few days later; the moral of the story is not to judge newly finished work.

As usual, all basic supplies are provided. There are heavy paper blocks, glue and lots of recycled paper/old magazines/miscellaneous to cut up. Also as usual, you are welcome to bring your own stuff if you want. If you bring your own favorite scissors or craft knife, you won't have to share. Not that sharing is a bad thing...but, well, you know what I mean.

The standard cardboard block is about 2.5 inches to an edge. There will be a few larger wooden blocks available at cost. These are 4" to an edge and cost $4. If you want one and would like me to gesso it for you ahead of time, email me. If you have a question or are a first-timer in need of direction, email me as well. We like to see new kids on the playground!

Also please note: there will be an extra Tuesday night Art Party next week. Come mess around with caulking, heat, packing tape and gin. But not all at once. Oh, did I mention that we'll be doing image transfers? Bring along some laser or toner-based images if you like, but there will be plenty of odds and ends available for experimentation.

Until tomorrow, or Tuesday...

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Loudlife said...

Ugh, I'm sad I missed all this! Rexy gave me another plague; one which caused throat lesions...ick. Only just in the last couple days has my throat not hurt - after nearly 4 weeks! (Admittedly, I did slack off on the hydrogen peroxide gargling. Man! That stuff is nasy tasting.)

I'm so sorry I missed the blocks and the image transfers (am I reading right? There's a transfer using gin? I love it! Then when it doesnt' work for me yet again, I'll at least be cheerful!). I've never been successful with transfers and would love some supervision (or some gin).

Anyway, I'm back in the land of the living and I've finally posted my 100th blog post and I'm having a give-away contest. Come on by!

Btw, what is the date of the Forgotten Works thing?

See you soon - hopefully!