Friday, September 26

Forgotten Works Challenge -- new venue

From an email I received this morning:

"As some of you may have heard, Greg McCorkle (the person who was booking and running the art shows at the OK Hotel) was kicked out of the Gallery OK without warning or explanation. It seems that the building management is no longer interested in having art shows there and they were totally unwilling to honor commitments that had been made. Due to this turn of events I have found a new location that will serve as a much better space for the Challenge. We will be showing at the Tashiro Kaplan Building at 115 Prefontaine Place South. The show will be in the community room at the TK space. The Tashiro Kaplan is an arts building and all the street level businesses are galleries and they are all open for first Thursdays. This new location is one of the most active spots on Artwalk and it will give the show much better visability and publicity. While I am sorry to see the changes at the OK Hotel I am very excited about moving the show to a new home."

So, the Forgotten Works Challenge is on almost as planned. I hope to see you there.

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