Saturday, December 13

Forgotten Works...

...maybe best forgotten! It was an underwhelming show; many of those who had done it before said it was a complete about face from years past. They took home as much as they sold previously. Whether it was the economic anxiety or the change of venue - who knows? But, there's stock for my Etsy shop, which is now open. Click on the contemplative couple to your right to go there. I will be adding more collages over the next few days.

Last night was the Phinney-Greenwood art walk. It included a fund raising auction of yard-art snowmen, to benefit the Greenwood Boys' and Girls' Club. The blanks were donated and then handed over to volunteers to paint. Here's mine.

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Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear that the Forgotten Works show wasn't a success. That's a shame. All of the work that I've seen was very well done. I think that's pretty much the story everywhere this year. Young Mr. Staggs has said the store in very slow this year too, and they've cut everyone's hours, instead of adding help, like they usually do.

I love this "yard art" Liisa. He's a charmer!