Monday, January 5

Art Party tomorrow, January 6

Oooooh, squishy paper! Here's one sample of some paper castings I've been working on, this one done in a scallop shell with bits of a paper napkin. It's easy and pretty fast, and it's what's cooking tomorrow in Room 206, on the first First Tuesday of the New Year. I'll have everything you need to do some experimentation: molds, paper, and a toaster oven to expedite the drying. Water and paintbrushes, too. That's all you need. You just layer pieces of thin, soft paper on your mold using lots of water (that's what makes it settle in to the crevices), then let it dry and pop it off.

I think a garland of these shells would be gorgeous!

As usual, come any time after 5pm and stay as late as you want. BUT if no one is there by 8pm, I reserve the right to close up shop and go home. But I probably won't, because I have shell garlands to make! See you.

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Mrs. Staggs said...

I dropped by a couple of times recently, to see what was up, but somehow missed this post, and the one for the last get-together too. I'm sorry I missed them. I know I would have enjoyed myself. I always do, and I learn so much in your company, Liisa. Thanks for all the inspiration, and for being such a generous teacher to me.