Sunday, January 18

Pie and Coffee..

No we didn't make pie and coffee - but, as it was only Lena and I, we worked until about 10 and then went out for reinforcement. Pumpkin pie season appears to be over, but the coconut cream was just fine.

Actually neither of us made Valentines because we got off on another tangent: discussing the selling of raw materials and supplies on Etsy. There is at least as much of that being done as the selling of hand-crafted items, and as I have decided to retire a lot of fabric I may give it a whirl. I'll probably put some big ziplocs of assorted scraps and short lengths out for sale at the studio, too. So if you're needing fabric (and not too much of any one kind) you may want to come to the next Third Friday or drop by some other time. It would be good to call first.

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