Thursday, February 19

No dolls tomorrow.

some weird and not-so-weird dolls

I'm postponing Weird Dolls, which was to have been tomorrow evening's entertainment. Life has been too chaotic around these parts and I have not had time to prepare. I think this will be a project that you'll enjoy and I don't want to go into it half-cocked, so tomorrow will be an unstructured drop in and do your own thing Third Friday. That doesn't mean you have to bring your own thing...there is plenty of stuff to do and plenty of stuff to do it with. One idea: if there are any books on my Book-A-Day blog that particularly interest you, I'll be very happy to get you started.

Thanks for your flexibility! Mental yoga is a good thing, right?

See you,

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brsmaryland said...

It would be fun to make some books with you. You've been doing some really interesting things!