Thursday, June 4

Shoreline Museum eviction from Ronald School?

Public Meeting
Thursday, June 4, 2009
Shorewood Highschool

(the school adjacent to the museum, to the south)

This is the last public meeting on this issue, I'd like it to be a big one!
(The room will probably be air conditioned, too.)

I have been in touch with many of you about this. Some of you have written to the school board
expressing your displeasure with the proposed eviction of the Shoreline Historical Museum from the old Ronald School. There have been a lot of statements and rebuttals from both the school district and the museum. I certainly have my own strong opinion about the process or lack thereof with which this was carried out.

But at this moment the important thing is for the school board to see the community's support for the museum staying in the Ronald School. Warm (especially today!) bodies is a good way to get that message across. If you can come to tonight's meeting, even for a while, please do.

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Loudlife said...

Gah! I missed this! We were without computer for 3 weeks and ended up having to buy a new one...only to find out that what was wrong with ours was so simple that no one bothered to check it! Sigh...Now we're going to have 2 computers.

Anyway, all my old emails and my outlook address book are on our backup drive and I haven't yet figured out how to transfer everything - what I'm trying to say is that we'd be having this conversation by phone if I could find your number! Hmmm...just occurred to me that I didn't try the phone book (duh). Be right back...Well, found your mom and a possible you. I'll leave a message.