Tuesday, February 2

Hey, there. It's (Prince) Tuesday the First and Groundhog Day as well.

I will not be in the studio tonight -- I'm reporting for jury duty tomorrow (again!) and have some things to get out of the way just in case I get chosen and my time is not my own for a while. PLUS I have to be there at 8AM and those of you who know me at all know how interesting that's going to be.

I need to get back here and give you an update on the Shoreline Museum situation. It looks as if we will be able to stay in the Ronald School (Yay!) but will be moving out temporarily while...some stuff happens. SO, I don't know if I will be able to have open studio evenings for a while -- a short while. I'll keep you posted, and those of you whom I am in touch with (you know who you are) maybe we can plan some Art Days on our own. For a while.

See you...

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