Tuesday, February 16

What's up with the building, anyway?

I am happy to report that the Shoreline School District has decided that the Shoreline Historical Museum will be allowed to remain in the Ronald Elementary School! But the building will not remain where it now stands, the school board has decided to have it moved to an adjacent piece of property which the Museum will buy for that purpose. This is going to be a huge undertaking and will take time, so the museum will be moved for the duration to the vacant Sunset Elementary School, about a mile from where it is now.

It looks pretty certain that I will be able to move the studio along with the museum to the interim location, less certain that I will be able to move back when the museum reopens in (we hope) 2012. I've always known that the long-range plan was for the museum exhibits and activities to expand into the second floor rental spaces; I've been in my studio a lot longer than I originally expected. I will be sorry to leave the Ronald School but this is a good time for the museum to make some change, and it may be a good time for me to make some changes of my own. Meanwhile, I plan to continue the twice-monthly Art Parties wherever I am.

The precise schedule for all this hasn't been set, but the move could happen as soon as this summer. It probably isn't too early for me to start packing -- I have a lot of stuff. But you already knew that didn't you?

I'll share details as they are they are available. It's going to be interesting.

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