Tuesday, June 21

June 2011...what's happening

Hello, all. Life is putting along.

My mom died at the end of January. She is very much missed by family, friends and neighbors, but I think her death went well. She was at home, comfortable with wonderful care.

We held a memorial party on May 21. We waited for several reasons, one of which was to have warmer weather. Well, as you may know Seattle has had the coldest spring ever. I think we've had warmer winters! The house was crowded, as we had expected, and people just shivered on the porch. Not only that, but her pink dogwood had a total of about 10 blossoms on it! And if you know that dogwood, you know what that means.

I won't be posting to this blog but I thought an update was called for. Besides, the link is still on my website so traffic is still stopping by.

There are loose ends still to tie up from 2010 (2009?). It was quite a year. But I hope to resolve those and have a new workspace, small though it may be, set up somewhere this summer. I am overflowing with ideas that I want to work on.

Remember, art is good for you.

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