Tuesday, December 11

Dear Santa, Here's what I don't want for Christmas.

I don’t want “Improved classic cut ensures flattering, non-bulky fit.” (Improved classic, isn't that an oxymoron?) I don’t want “slightly fitted.” I don’t want a “wider neckline for greater comfort.” I don't want to have to buy men's and then shorten the sleeves to death. I don’t want fleece. I don’t want one drop of Lycra. Boy, how I don’t want Lycra. I sure don’t want a logo. I don’t really want 10% polyester, although I might take it in a pinch. I don’t want Stellar Pink, Glisten Purple, or Gentle Peach. Please. I want a sweatshirt. I want a sweat shirt! I want a good old-fashioned cotton or maybe cotton/acrylic sweatshirt, long sleeved, in women’s sizes and a simple color. Grey, blue, red, black. Even green. Dark green. Olive green would be nice.

Whatever happened to sweatshirts?

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Mrs. Staggs said...

Mr. Staggs is the one who wears the sweatshirts at our house, and the Levis. He's a classic kind of guy. We both refuse to wear advertising. With the exception of the Mariners, that is. I admit to wearing their logo every now and then.
Hmmmm, I don't know where ladies sweatshirts can be found. The one place that popped into my head is Sears.