Wednesday, December 19

Fastest Candy Cane in the West.

Actually, the Fastest Candy Cane in Central Oregon--Prineville, to be exact. We were there for a few days last week and the town is decked out for Christmas. This fellow is one of the decorations that line the streets downtown. It really IS a downtown has five stoplights! That's at least four more than the last time we were there. The scene above is on the way home through the mountains. We were glad to have a former P-ville resident along...she knows how to drive in the snow. Thanks, Anne. I have a few more pictures to post later, but not right now. My mom and I are going to brave the elements and do some Christmas shopping. Wish us luck.

I'm giving a lot of homemade gifts this year and it feels really good. That's something I tell myself every year I'm going to do, but don't. Some I made with my own hands...some I acquired through making a mistake of some sort...a different take on handmade but, hey. I can't elaborate because it would give things away. I think some of my family reads this.

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing post-holiday project, or maybe something to do while you are going over the river and through the woods, take a look at this worthwhile project, Junie Moon's Bandage Brigade.

Off into the rain and...rain.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Liisa, I love the way your blog looks today!
A handmade gift from you my dear, is truly a very special thing as your family and friends all know, from past experiences. I've only made a few gifts to give this year, but I enjoyed the making of them, mostly because you think of the person that you're making it for, during the process. I like that.
Thank you for mentioning June's Bandage Brigade. She is one of the most caring people I've come to know through my blogging experience. I think this is a most worthwhile project. I can't knit or crochet, but I'm spreading the word too.
Hugs to your Mom.
See you Friday!
See you soon!

Mr. kennedy said...

These and many other photos you will see on this site are made with a spontaneity and innocence that would make a serious photographer cringe. We've heard of point and shoot cameras...Liisa literally points and shoots as we travel along the byways of Oregon and Washington. This approach produces a lot of images and few useless ones. We can almost always find a role for any blobby, blurry picture that we get. We often find gems of interest and beauty in these casually captured images.

The snowy trees picture is one of Liisa's best drive-by photos. The six-gun snowman, however, was made from afoot while walking in the evening.

I spent years fiddling with film photography but Liisa, with about three years' experience with digital technology, is easily creating better pictures than I ever did.