Friday, December 28

What's up, Blogger?

I'm annoyed. I've been trying to upload pictures there (over to the right) and they are appearing in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes. Le's try one here, in post, and see what happens.

I got ahead of myself yesterday, talking about the Story Shoes project in Room 206. That isn't for three weeks yet! First Tuesday is coming up soon sooner soonest; bring your own work or make simple Artistamps. ..postage stamps only better. There's one good gallery here. They're fun to make and fun to put on your mail--not to fool the Post Office--just as Art.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm looking forward to both days, Liisa. Thanks for the opportunities. They encourage me to try new things.
Here's to a new year full of creative possibilities!

P.S. I don't know a thing about posting photos in Blogger, but your link works now!

Loudlife said...

I hope you know that I meant "dork" in the good way! I kept thinking it was Monday today because Rexy didn't go to school and my Monday night card playing buddy came over; but I bet I could have delivered your purchase tonight, huh? Call me when you're in the studio next and I will try to jump over there.

There's a weird thing about photos on the sidebar. Sometimes it helps if you use html to center it,
but usually the right hand side is still cut off. I've solved that by putting a border around my photos and making the right side of the border 1/2 again as large as the left side. At least it's just the border that gets eaten then. It's probably much easier than that - like "make it such and such number of pixels wide" but I don't know what that size is and I hate pictures that are too small, so there you go. Borders.