Thursday, December 27

December 27

Happy French Hen Day, everyone. I am back from Christmas, and trying to choose from all the fun things I thought I'd do as soon "after Christmas." No, I'm trying to remember all the things I told myself I would do after Christmas. There's nothing like a deadline or upcoming event to get my little brain organized--and nothing like total freedom to make it go all mushy on me.

One upcoming event that's going to kick in any minute now, is the Shoe Story project happening in Room 206 on January 18. We are up to eight in the group and I think that's about all I can accommodate until I do a major rearrange of the studio, so this session is closed; sorry. There will be another one sometime later in the spring, or whenever there are enough interested parties. Watch this space for a project description and some photos.

Speaking of Christmas. we had snow on the 25th...a white Christmas in Seattle. It didn't last long and didn't stick for more than a couple of hours, but it was pretty and special.

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