Sunday, January 20

The Shoes!

Well, there were a bunch of very cool packing tape shoes made last Friday. And there were three new people which made it just about the biggest group we've had on a Friday. I got a few pictures before my camera batteries croaked...of all things to forget to check!

That's about half the group in the first picture. Berkeley, with her back to you, made a cowboy boot. Next is Paula and her Shimmering Sneaker. I met Paula through a Yahoo group--it was a while before I realized she lived right up the street! Then there's Lily's legs and her Dear Sweetie Pie shoes. Yes, she plans to wear them, if she can come up with some way to fill the (hollow) heels.

There's a picture of one more shoe that I didn't photograph here. Maybe those others of you who didn't get photographed would be kind enough to send me pictures?? Or post'em on your own blogs and I'll put up a link.

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