Wednesday, January 16

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

OK. As promised, and just in time for this Friday's Art Party, packing tape shoes. I've been playing around--that is to say experimenting--and it's hard to stop once you get going. I'm wrapping all sorts of things in packing tape. These are a few of the shoes in progress. The two clear ones are going to get more "stiff" on them. The green one...I think that bow on the heel has to go

Some things I've been using in the shoes: copies of old photos, newspaper clippings, clip art, magazine clippings, wrapping paper, ephemera, paper lace, flat ribbon, pressed flowers...well you get the idea. And there's no end to what you can attach to the outside once they're all built.
For those of you who are coming Friday--bring a shoe or shoes. Bring your "Stuff" or you can rummage through mine. (But mine won't be as personal as yours.) I have scissors to share but if you want your very own, bring them. I will provide tape--I've found one I think works best.

See you!


Mrs. Staggs said...

This is going to be a fun project. I wish I was more organized for it, but I'll be there....with bells on!

Liisa Mannery said...

Ooooh, put 'em on your shoe! Bells on her toes. Now where IS that tin of jingle bells?

Saucy said...

Those shoes look like they are so much fun!! I wish I lived near you so I could spend the evening with you and Mrs. Staggs making those! Have fun!

artfulzebra said...

These are so cool, Liisa! How do you make them? Do you work over a shoe? Or just construct them blind as it were?