Thursday, August 7

Change of plans...

As it turns out I will not be participating in the Iron Artist event at the Tacoma Art Museum tomorrow (Friday) evening. If you were planning to come down for it, don't change your plans on my account--it's going to be a fun event! And take the time to visit the museum while you're there.

Some fun stuff did happen Tuesday after all. The smell came and went and wasn't as bad as I had expected. So the two of us that were there attacked (in a nice way, of course) some old hardcover books. We cut windows and niches, glued pages together, painted and tucked images and words here and there. An orgy of experimentation, it was.

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Mrs. Staggs said...

Too bad you've decided not to participate. I think you would've enjoyed it.

I'm sorry I missed Tuesday. That sounds like a lot of fun.