Thursday, August 14

No Friday tomorrow.

Well, I can't cancel Friday, although given the forecast I wish I could. But I'm doing what I can and canceling the Third Friday Art Party. With a predicted high of 92-98 Room 206 will be no place to be tomorrow evening.

Darned thing is, we're getting a new range delivered tomorrow and it'll be way too hot to try it out. I've been dreaming about meat loaf, baked potatoes and a pie. Guess they'll have to wait. Or maybe I'll be cooking dinner at 2AM Saturday.

The studio will be open next Tuesday evening from 5 on, so consider dropping in then for an evening of experimental book alteration, otherwise known as cutting, ripping, gluing, painting and anesthesiology you can do to a book. Yes, we anesthetize the books first!

No, really...that was the spellchecker having a good time. But I thought it was kind of a hoot and left it. I meant to say "anything else" you can do it a book.

All materials provided or bring your own if you prefer.

Keep cool,

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Mrs. Staggs said...

I pretty much thought that the art party would be off this go around. Hopefully, this will be the last of the really hot days.

The book project sounds like fun.

Hope all goes well with the new stove.

Take care.