Tuesday, August 26

Zines, mostly...

The Portland Zine Symposium was last weekend...the zine Olympics so to speak. Not that it's competitive, but it's big big big. I'll put up some pictures in a bit, meanwhile, these are the zines I came home with:

Do Stuff! Lethal Zine
i need a hug
A Creation Myth
The Composing Stick #1, #2, #3 and #4
Art Bureau #8, #10 and #11
how i spent my summer vacation
Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell #5
Best Zine Ever #5
Action Bookbinding
Ozzy The Lazy-Ass Panda
Chicago Musical Sing-a-long
Pumpkin Patch Horror!
Giant Killer Ape on the Loose
Fight Boredom
An Alpine Adventure
White Male Neurosis
The Pee
Last Legs - The Diary Issue
Minutiae #1 - Rose City Summer
"Toilets" 1982-1983
Sinking Hearts
Kersax Must Be Destroyed #3
New York vs. Portland
Comic about Sarah's Life-a-Day
How to Make Minicomics the Brian Orser Way!
Cranky Buddha #4 & #5
Zine Making - an introduction

Nope, I haven't read them all yet. Lulu by lulu...

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GordonK said...

I was there, too: me, the faithful Mr. K. An entire auditorium filled with zines and zinophiles was impressive. The room seemed to pulse with creativity. Now, I have my own zinisitic notions. If I pull off what I'm thinking of you'll want to have a copy of your own.