Tuesday, November 4


Has it really been over two weeks since I posted? Ugh - I guess so. My excuses (this time) are that we were very wrapped up in planning a 25th anniversary party (for ourselves!) and then there was the Finn Bazaar and then I got a cold. The anniversary was lovely, the bazaar is always a good time and I still have the cold. SO...anyone who is planning to come by the studio tonight be warned. I promise not to cough on you or the cookies, but more than I can't guarantee.

There is nothing in particular planned for this evening, but you can always find something to do. I am working away on my 30 pieces for the Forgotten Works Show, and the TV will be on (the picture anyway) in the background if you want to follow the election returns. The place is a bit of a mess, but not hazardous. You're welcome to drop in. But vote first!

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