Friday, November 7


Here's a picture for you to look at, because things were getting pretty drab and texty around here. I used another version of this image in one of the 30 collages I'm doing for the Forgotten Works challenge. They are just about done, but I must stop doing "stuff" to them! Honestly, I tweak things to death sometimes. They've been fun, and I plan to keep going and put the extras in my Etsy shop. Maybe I'll get some scans up over the weekend.

So, Tuesday was quite a day wasn't it? I'm certainly pleased with our dignified and intelligent new president, not to mention the obvious milestone his election is for our country. I enjoyed sharing the memorable evening with friends in the studio - and they were all very good sports about my tiny, black and white TV! Lena dropped in with her friend Beth, who was visiting from the East Coast. I did meet Beth once before years ago but very briefly, and it was nice to see her and cement her face in my memory. And Elizabeth, who originally introduced me to Berkeley, was there too. Laurie and her daughter Rexy dropped by earlier in the day on their way home from the polls. Laurie has started a weekly Haiku/art challenge on her blog. If you like to Haiku, give it a look.

Things have been busy around here - much to do and I'm only about 50% functional thanks to this cold/flu whatever it is that I have. If I owe you an email or something else, I WILL get it to you soon, trust me. Everything Is just taking twice as long these days.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm very pleased with the election results too. Things feel different in a way that is hard to express, but I can't help but feel that hope has prevailed. I wish our new President well.

Your collages for the challenge are all terrific. I'm so happy that I got a chance to see them.

Thanks for being such a great hostess with the mostess!

brsmaryland said...

Liisa, it was really nice to see you again too and to share the historic evening with you and the other women. Your studio is amazing! So much to look at and be inspired by. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to dabble in some art :-) Thank you for the book and stamps and sequins, etc. You are very generous
Good luck with the Forgotten Works. Wish I were in town to see the show. I'll look for pictures on Room 206!