Monday, August 3

Is today Art Day? How about tomorrow?

Hello, everyone.

Things have been pretty intense here. My mom was in the hospital for a week with a minor ailment...problem is when your immune system is so weakened by chemo, nothing is minor. But she's home now, with help and visiting nurses. I do see signs of improvement, but at 92 it's slow going. We hope that in a couple more weeks she'll be feeling fairly normal again.

So, it's more like Art Hours, not Days, these days. But I will be in the studio tomorrow, Tuesday, August 4...probably by five but let's play it safe and say 6. I've been enjoying working on some hand-sewn collaged birds. Weird and improvisational. Much like my life these days.

See you.

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Loudlife said...

Thinking of you often. Glad your mom is out of the hospital.