Thursday, August 20

Third Friday tomorrow

The studio will be open after about 6pm. I may be there earlier and you'll be welcome, but I won't promise.

Last weekend I got rid of a bunch of clothes. They were things I kept because they were decent and functional and I need things to wear, but I didn't really like any of them. I've finally decided to start liberating stuff I don't like, no matter how much life it has left in it. Someone else might like it just fine, and whoever that is, is welcome to it.

What this has to do with the studio and Friday night is that I'm going to start on my fabric stash next. It could be your lucky day! Night...

See you.


Anonymous said...

I really need a night at the studio. I'll be there Liisa, and looking forward to it. Give me a call if you need anything.


Loudlife said...

Ack! I missed it! I was just coming by to tell you about a blog I thought you'd like:

Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon. Rexy starts school next week and I'll have time during the day (unless someone wants to hire me 10-2pm m-f) to come visit.

see you soon,